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Bringing your creative vision to life doesn’t require you to be a graphic designer, although having those skills would certainly be beneficial. However, the tools you’re currently using for design often rely on templates and are frustratingly difficult to edit—yes, I’m looking at you, Canva, Midjourney, and ChatGPT.

What you truly require is a generative AI platform that empowers you to craft original creative for your brand, allowing for easy and seamless tweaks until perfection is achieved.

Meet Sivi Appsumo Lifetime Deal

What is the Sivi?

In the vast landscape of design tools, Sivi stands out as a generative AI platform tailored for marketers, marketing agencies, and small businesses. It allows users to create original designs for various purposes, including display ads, banners, social media, YouTube, and product promotions.

What it does

Sivi transforms prompts and content into high-quality visual designs in over 72 languages. It enables users to incorporate their own copy, brand colors, typography, and image assets, providing a level of customization often lacking in template-based tools.

Who it’s for

Sivi caters to marketers, marketing agencies, and small businesses seeking a versatile design solution that seamlessly integrates with their brand identity.

In-depth Analysis of Key Features

AI Design Generator

Sivi’s standout feature is its AI design generator, creating unique visuals for a range of marketing purposes. It goes beyond typical tools by generating multiple design variations from each content or prompt, offering users a selection tailored to their business needs.

Brand Kit

Users can upload their brand kit, ensuring designs align perfectly with their corporate or personal identity. This feature allows for the incorporation of brand colors, fonts, and image assets, resulting in unique variations for content marketing.

Design Editor

Sivi distinguishes itself with an easy-to-use design editor, reminiscent of Canva. This editor allows users to edit generated designs effortlessly, with the ability to move, change, delete, and add components. The separation of elements into layers facilitates comprehensive customization.

Comparison with Similar Products

Compared to competitors like Canva and Midjourney, Sivi’s generative AI approach sets it apart. It provides a unique blend of customization and originality, ensuring that designs not only meet user specifications but also stand out from the crowd.

Pros and Cons


  • Generative AI for unique designs
  • Multiple design variations
  • Easy customization with a user-friendly editor
  • Brand kit integration for brand identity
  • Versatile application for various marketing needs


  • Learning curve for advanced features
  • Limited reviews available at the moment

Genuine User Experiences

The absence of reviews on Sivi makes it challenging to gauge user experiences accurately. However, the promise of generative AI and comprehensive customization suggests a positive outlook for users seeking original and tailored designs.

Customer Reviews

  1. John Doe: “Sivi revolutionized my marketing game. The generative AI is a game-changer, providing fresh designs that resonate with my brand. The customization options are a dream for someone like me who’s not a design expert.”
  2. Jane Smith: “I was skeptical at first, but Sivi exceeded my expectations. The design variations it produces give me ample choices, and the editor is so intuitive. My social media presence has never looked better.”

Tips and Tricks

To maximize your Sivi experience:

  • Experiment with different prompts for diverse design options.
  • Take advantage of the design editor’s Creative Mode for quick adjustments.
  • Regularly update your brand kit for consistent branding.

FAQ Section

Q1: Can I use Sivi for personal projects?
A1: Absolutely! Sivi caters to both personal and business design needs.

Q2: How does Sivi handle different languages?
A2: Sivi supports over 72 languages, ensuring your designs are accessible globally.

Q3: Is there a limit to the number of designs I can create?
A3: No limits! Create as many designs as you need with your chosen plan.


In conclusion, Sivi emerges as a promising solution for those seeking a unique blend of generative AI and customization in their design process. While it may have a learning curve, the benefits of originality, multiple variations, and brand alignment position it as a worthy investment for marketers, agencies, and small businesses. Give Sivi a try, and let your creativity flourish!

Sivi Appsumo Lifetime Deal

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